Blizzard were cancelled Over 1,400 US Flights

Blizzard situation on the airport, cancelling flight plans across US. (source:

More than 1,400 flights in the United States were canceled after the northeast of the country was hit by a severe winter blizzard. Several US states have declared states of an emergency in a response to a storm that began Saturday, forming in the Atlantic Ocean off the shore of Carolinas. 53,000 homes without power.

Snow scenery in the city. (

ground blizzard is a weather condition where snow is not falling but loose snow on the ground is lifted and blown by strong winds. Blizzards, can have an immense size and usually stretch to hundreds or thousands of kilometres. La Guardia Airport , and John F. Kennedy International Airport, experienced more than 200 flight cancellations as of Sunday morning. A powerful winter storm on Saturday brought more than 60cm of snow in some areas with strong winds, leaving parts of Rhode Island and other states without access to roads.

Snowstorm crisis in US
Illustration of late winter. (source : newsbreak).
Blinding snow whipped up by powerful winds. Pummeled the eastern United States on Saturday, as one of the strongest winter storms in years triggered transport chaos; and power outages across a region; of some 70 million people, three people died in New York. All on Long Island. One of them; is an elderly woman, who was found dead in the parking lot. Authorities also reported, two men, ages 53 and 75, respectively found dead. Who fainted while shoveling the snow,  at a separate location in the town of Syosset on Long Island on Saturday.
Weather map illustration of United States, February 2022. (source: USAToday).
In the luxurious Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, the sidewalks were almost deserted and many businesses were closed. Winds continued to rage and more than 100,000 households lost a power, mostly in Massachusetts, hampering the ability of rescue teams to work. Major cities, like New York and Boston bore the brunt of the blizzard. The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed, intensified Saturday into a “bomb cyclone” characterized by the explosive power of rapid drops in atmospheric pressure.
The situations so far

The heaviest-hit parts of New York, and Massachusetts received two feet (61 centimeters) of snow. More than 95,000 homes in Massachusetts reported without power. Cold weather stretched as far south as Florida, as plunging temperatures temporarily paralyzed the large blizzards.

illustration of snowstorm hitting the city. (source: the sun).

The National Weather Service considers a storm a blizzard. Snowfall or blowing snow, as well as winds, of at least 56 km/h. Reduce visibility to a quarter-mile (about 0.4 kilometres) or less, for at least three hours.

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