BLACKPINK Lisa’s Birthday! Take a Look at 6 of Her Iconic Dance Performances


Lalisa Manoban, also known as Lisa from BLACKPINK turns 25 on Sunday (25/03). The rapper, singer, and dancer were born in Buriram, Thailand before making her debut as a member of BLACKPINK in South Korea.


To celebrate her birthday, here are 5 iconic performances!



For one of iKON’s performances on the show KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR, iKON invited Lisa as one of their surprise guests. Lisa wore a stunning black two-piece and silver chains with a matching silver-chain headpiece.



2. Swalla Solo Stage Dance Performance

One of Lisa’s very iconic performances is her ‘Swalla’ solo stage performance during one of BLACKPINK’s concerts in Bangkok. The fancam for the performance reached a massive 9 million views, posted on March 27, 2020.



3. LILI’s FILM #3

Posted back on Apr 20, 2020, with 85 Million views, this dance performance showcased Lisa’s dance skills with her long black hair and statement open-toed thigh-high heels.



4. LILI’s FILM [The Movie]

Using the song ‘Tomboy’ by Destiny Rogers, Lisa showed fans a powerful dance performance choreographed by Cheshir Ha. Lisa wore her iconic sleek ponytail and thigh-high leather booths.



5. Lisa x Kiel Tutin Choreography Video

Lisa collaborated with Keil Tutin, a choreographer who has also choreographed for other groups and artists other than BLACKPINK, such as ITZY, Somi, and TWICE. They showed a powerful dance performance to the song ‘Taki Taki’ by DJ Snake.



6. Lisa  ‘MONEY’ Dance Practice Video

With 71.7 Million views, fans, dancers, and people all over the world are interested in watching and learning the full dance choreography. This dance practice video shows the full choreography of Lisa and her backup dancers for her solo song.


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