Bindi Irwin Shares How She Handled Grief As A Child

Bindi Irwin has shared a candid recount of how she handled the death of her father, ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin.

In an interview with the podcast What About Death, Bindi spoke about her emotional journey with grief at a young age.

“I remember thinking, this emotion is going to shape me. This is going to be a real turning point on how I continue on with the rest of my life and I want to be strong for my family,” the conservationist explained.

Now 23-years-old, she poignantly remembered her journal entries following the tragedy which occurred when she was just eight.

“One day – I wrote it in my journal, actually. I was like, ‘this is it; I’m choosing not to wallow in the sadness anymore. I’m choosing to find the strength that Dad had and continue on,” she recounted

She also credits some of her strength to have come from the support of the public.

“When Dad passed away, we were overwhelmed by the amount of love and support that we received,” she revealed.

“We had no idea how many lives Dad touched through his conservation work; I know for a fact that Dad had no idea.”

“It wasn’t until he passed away that we were hit with this wave – this tsunami of love and kindness and people sharing their own stories and telling us about how that affected their lives,” she expressed her gratitude.

Now married and a mother of a nine-month-old daughter Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, Bindi is looking to turn her life experience into valuable lessons.

“I want to make sure that Grace has an understanding of life and death from an early age. That is something that my parents shared with me and I have always been very, very grateful that they did.”

“Because throughout our lives we have lost many, many animals and quite a few family members as well,” she said.

Check out the full episode of Bindi Irwin on What About Death.

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