Big Ben London Sounded, First in 5 Years to Welcoming 2022

The famous Big Ben bell changed the new year 2022 when the streets of the Leki British capital. This was the first time the bell rang since 2016.

Big Ben is a large bell ringing every hour in the parliamentary building clock tower. The last time Big Ben rang twelve ‘bong’ was at night on the last night of 2016. It was silent since the renovation of the tower and the hall starts in August 2017. But now the work is completed and the scaffolding of a 96-meter-high structure is being lowered.

However, the celebration of the New Year’s New Year which is usually held around Trafalgar Square and the Parliament Field is not seen this year, once again due to Covid-19 pandemic.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan from the Labor Party announced last week that special events for 6,500 important workers and community members will be canceled due to the concern of the omicron virus variant

“It will be very disappointing for many citizens of London. But we must take the right steps to reduce the spread of the virus,” Khan said.

Khan was one of several regional leaders from opposition parties ordered the nightclub closed and the application of drinking restrictions at the pub during the celebration season. This policy in response to the variant of the Corona virus that is faster and is far more deadly. But only a few hours before midnight, the London Mayor succumbed to his orders to cancel the annual fireworks in Thames by Parliament.

He gave a green light for shows that only aired on Television, which he said would show “the best of our city”. However, he urged London residents away from the city center and enjoyed the new year with a “reasonable and careful way” by staying at home and watching it on television.

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