Biden Bans Nicaraguan Officials from Entering United States

President of the United States (US) Joe Biden, on Tuesday (16/11), announced a ban for members of the Nicaraguan government from entering the US territory as a form of Washington’s response to the presidential election fraud in the country that supports the victory of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

Biden’s travel ban applies to all Nicaraguan “elected officials,” including Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, as well as members of the security forces, judges, mayors and others deemed to be undermining democracy in the Central American country.

“The abusive and repressive actions of the Ortega administration and its supporters compelled the United States to act,” Biden said in the decree.

Biden’s order comes just a day after the United States, Britain and Canada imposed sanctions targeting a number of Nicaraguan officials in a joint statement against the November 7th Presidential Election, which many countries judged had falsified the election.

The move came as Ortega was re-elected for a fourth consecutive term after jailing several political rivals and cracking down on media critical of him.

Ortega derided US critics as “Yankee imperialists” and accused them of trying to undermine Nicaragua’s electoral process. Cuba, Venezuela and Russia offered support to Ortega.

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