Beyblade Live Action With Jerry Bruckheimer In Development

Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of Pirates of the Caribbean, has started development on a Beyblade Live Action movie at Paramount Pictures.

It’s on its way, boys. Beyblade, one of the best toys from the early 2000s, is getting a live action with Jerry Bruckheimer behind the wheel. Beyblade first started in 1999 as spinning-tops made by Takara Co. until blowing up and licensing their toys to overseas companies like Hasbro.

Since then, they made many animated shows of the toys with people spinning them in giant arenas and crazy monsters popping out of them. The first show aired in 2001 with 51 episodes and five more shows followed it. The most recent show they have is Beyblade Burst Rise, where the beys explode after getting hit really hard.

In 2015, Paramount got the rights to the franchise, and they thought about making a film about it. As you can see, they didn’t take that opportunity until recently. Right now, they have Jerry Bruckheimer as producer and Neil Widener and Gavin James as the script writers. We know nothing of the plot or any cast members.

As someone who grew up with Beyblade, I’m gonna watch it. Hopefully, it’s decent enough or so bad that it’s funny, but I’m not looking for them to make an entire franchise of movies with them. They obviously could with the different types of Beyblades, but we don’t even know which one they’ll go with.

Beyblades have several different forms: short spinning tops, tall tops, wheels, and bursting beys. There’s no way they’ll do tall or wheels because I think those were the most hated. The filmmakers could go with burst because they’re really popular with the newer generation of kids. However, we’ll have to wait for more details.

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