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Best Parts of One Piece GAGS, Don’t Miss It!

One Piece has been everyone’s favourite. Not only because it has great storylines but also it is funny. Here are some fun facts about One Piece.

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  1. Luffy’s singing in Skypeia

You can enjoy the moment when Luffy start his Baka Song. He is walking along singing and one of the enforces makes a sound like a goat and distract him. Luffy pawns him and continues his verse of the song.


2. When Sanji gets his Bounty

Sanji can’t accept his picture in the Bounty poster. He really depressed about it but another crew don’t care although.


3. Water Luffy “Arabasta Arc”

Luffy wants to defeat the sandman “Crocodile”. It was not easy to find a way to beat him. So, Luffy finds the great idea by drinking a lot of water but his body in a bad condition.


4.  Luffy don’t know a zombie

A zombie managed to scare the straw hat included of Luffy. But when Luffy saw him, he is so sympathetic. He thinks he is an old man.


5.  Kokoro the Dugong save Luffy and Friends

Everybody shocks about an old lady who saves them from the ocean. Sanji almost cry that his expectation is so far for a mermaid.


6. Luffy’s interested in the book

One day, the straw hat pirate didn’t have anything special activity made Luffy was so boring. Then, Luffy looked at Robin whose has a hobby for books. Luffy was interesting in the cover of Robin’s book and try to read it but Zoro came and messed it up.


7. Law misguided Luffy

In the Wano arc, Law meets Luffy for a while. Law persuaded him to close the grave in the mountain. That was so funny when Luffy scream at the moment.

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