Best Animal-based Foods to eat to lose weight

There are several healthy animal-based foods that are best to eat to lose weight

Previously, we talked about any foods to avoid or limit to the keto diet. Keto diet or ketogenic diet is a routine to reduce high-fats and carbs consumption. But, if you are not ready yet for a diet, you can start by eating a number of high-protein foods. These animal-based foods are best to eat to help you lose weight and keep you healthy.

Besides plant-based foods and fruits, there are some animal-based foods that are actually working on losing weight. These animal-based foods are high in protein and have healthy fat as well. Basically, these foods have balanced content for your resolution. Let’s check what are those animal-based foods to lose weight.

High protein tuna. (source: Food & Wine Magazine)

This kind of fish is the first best animal-based food to eat in order to lose weight. Tuna is rich in protein and good fats. They contain omega-3s and lean protein which can help you to lose weight and fill your hunger.

Best Animal-based Foods to eat to lose weight
Salmon has healthy fats. (source: The Spruce Eats)

Same as with tuna, salmon is also filled with protein. Salmon also has unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. They have vitamin D and vitamin B6 which can manage your mood and reduce stress. Salmon is a good choice for your dinner if you want to lose some weight.

Plain Greek Yogurt
Best Animal-based Foods to eat to lose weight
Always go for plain Greek yogurt. (source: CNN Indonesia)

We already know that plain yogurt is often eaten to help people lose weight. One dairy product that has friendly bacteria probiotics. It helps boost your digestive system to absorb important nutrients. Besides, yogurt can help you to keep full before lunch or dinner. Yogurt can be a perfect snack for you if you want to lose weight.

Best Animal-based Foods to eat to lose weight
Better to eat more eggs. (source: Delish)

Did you know that eggs are actually very healthy and full of protein? According to studies, eggs are a very good option for your breakfast if you want to lose weight. Eggs have valuable nutrients and proteins that can help you feel satisfied and eat less throughout the day.

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