Beautiful Rouge Dior Minaudiere Bag, Perfect for End-of-Year Gifts

Re-opening the Dior boutique at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris, Dior Beauty is also preparing a special collection in the form of Rouge Dior Minaudiere. A bag that became the most loved collection of fashionistas 70 years ago.

Image Credit: Dior

Now, the luxury of the bag is back, without reducing its former elegance. Showing his specialty with a lip blush product consisting of lipstick accompanied by three refills from the Rouge Dior series.

A touch of savoir-faire as a metallic gold nuanced hard case with graphic carvings from the 30 Avenue Montaigne boutique packaged in a Neo-Vintage design. A must-have accessory that is exquisite and a symbol of the all-time beauty celebration.

Rouge Dior Minaudiere is full of Parisian ornaments, a combination of 23 different sections. The compartment measures 9.5 cm wide by 8 cm high and 2.5 cm deep. There are covers and mirrors that are very practical to use when you have to touch up or correct just to correct the appearance.

This collection is very multifunctional. Because the contents can also be worn or removed entirely, so it can be used as a cute clutch to perfect your fashion style on a special day.
Not only as a clutch, but this gold bag also has a detachable gold chain, which allows you to use it in an over-the-shoulder style.

Best of all, the cylindrical tube for storing lipstick can be removed and used as a necklace accessory, bringing real action to the look-through function and style at the same time.

Multifunctional collection
Image Credit: Dior
Minaudiere consists of one main lipstick and three refill lipsticks. There are four variations of Rouge Dior lipstick in it with beautiful and special hues. In fact, it not only beautifies the lips, but at the same time infuses the care content of flower extracts to nourish the lips.
For color choices, it has 4 color choices, including:

– 466 Pink Rose, a natural pink with a romantic satin finish.
– 858 Pansy Red, a red with a matte finish that dominates the look.
– 862 Winter Poppy, velvet red with a touch of charming shimmer.
– 873 Sparkling Peony, a metallic burgundy that gives a bold feel.

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