v0.26: Remastered Ibishu Covet, Graphical and Texture Updates, and More

BeamNG.Drive, one of the most realistic vehicle simulator games known for its extensive soft-body crash physics, has recently received an update. Only 3 months since the last patch was dropped, the developers have brought more quality-of-life changes to the game, as well as a rework of one of their original vehicles.

V0.26 brings a revamp to the Ibishu Covet, with much more detailed textures inside and out. Along with it comes a new mid-engine RWD variant, with an overhauled engine and transmission. Now available with both left and right-hand drive configurations, customization options are plenty with the addition of more parts. As part of the rework, it is the first model from all of BeamNG’s original vehicles to have compatibility with new gameplay features, such as openable doors with realistic sounds, a functional odometer, and shifting animations. These aspects will be implemented onto more models down the line.

Hydraulic systems have been updated to be more realistic. Select cars now have options for roofboxes, dubbed the ‘Beambox’, which has cargo configurations on its own. There are new additional props as well, including delineator posts, plastic barriers, large tires, and more. Graphical enhancements include massive improvements on foliage, lighting, and map textures. Adding further to the play value and performance optimization is simplified traffic and the availability of parked cars around the maps. Though the sense of speed is sufficient ingame, motion blur has been added as part of the update, adding to the realism of the graphics and gameplay.


p class=”MsoNormal”>BeamNG.Drive is still regarded as one of the best vehicle simulators available for sale, with countless mods for the game. While the only platform available is PC, the simulator is available for a surprisingly affordable price of $24.99 on Steam. Though system requirements are quite high, there’s loads of content to keep you occupied.


(Images sourced from’s website and YouTube channel)

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