Bastille Releases New Single ‘Remind Me’


Bastille, a successful indie-pop band, released a new single just four months after their last album ‘Give Me The Future’ came out.


‘Remind Me’ is a tribute to an ex-lover and how small things remind the singer of them, no matter how hard they try to forget. He misses their relationship, his ex-partner, and worries about how they’re coping without the safety net of the relationship.


Bastille first hit the mainstream with their single ‘Pompeii’ in 2013, with that music video having over 682,000,000 views as of June 2022. Since then, they have released 4 albums and 30 singles, with many ending up in the Top 40.


The release of the newest single came as a surprise to fans due to the short timeframe between the full album release and new content. The music video has been out for almost a week and has 166,000 views, and the song has been on streaming platforms for the same amount of time.


On Spotify, Bastille has almost 20 million monthly listeners and is ranked 192nd for worldwide popularity. The band’s success is unsurprising, considering the unique voice of their lead singer and catchy beats.


Give the new song a listen, and let us know what you think!

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