Barefoot X Oreo Thins Collaboration Pairs Cookie and Wine

Collaboration of Oreo Thins and Barefoot Wines presents Oreo flavored wine for your Christmas.

For Oreo super fans that might wish for wine with Oreo flavor, your favorite cookies have collaborated with Barefoot Wines to grant your wish. This unique flavored wine will give you a little twist on your Christmas. You don’t need Oreo or wine. Just get this bottle of Oreo-flavored wine.

The collaboration wine has only been released in a small batch since December 9th. You can place your order on, and each bottle costs $24.99. According to Barefoot’s official website, Barefoot X Oreo Thins wine has been sold out. Oreo fans anticipated this collaboration that the bottles were gone in a short time.

The package includes two bottles of 750ml Barefoot X Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine with one package of Oreo Thins, and you won’t regret this collaboration. It’s pretty satisfying.

It does not exactly taste like Oreo drinks, and it still tastes like a bottle of wine with a slight scent of the cookies. Well-blended wine with pure flavors of blackberry and dark cherries combined with a touch of chocolate-flavored cookies and cream. Won’t this will be the best collaboration wine ever?

Barefoot and Oreo is a famous brand in their specialty, no wonder if this collaboration drives every oenophile and Oreo lover to quickly get their bottle of this pairing of cookie and wine. Barefoot produced various unique flavors of wine in various sizes, from 500ml to 3L. Not so different from Oreo, the most prominent cookie brand has so many flavors and collaborations with other big brands of sweet treats. We already know that there are a bunch of Oreo treats we could choose at any moment and any season. Oreo never runs out of flavors for their beloved fans.

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