Bambam Drops Sexy Teasers for a Pre-Single Release

On December 13 KST, Bambam released a Moving Teaser that was seemingly vague. It is picked up to be a teaser for an upcoming single or album.

Bambam then releases image teasers that are apparently concept photos of an upcoming pre-single releasing on December 28 KST.

Concept photo #1 is black and white in color. The singer seems to be in a dark setting but he’s exposed by the light. His shadow is eerie behind him but he looks as good as ever.

Image Credit: Instagram @bambam1a

The concept photo #2 that had just dropped last night exposed Bambam to mirrors. The coloring is still black and white. A few fans speculate that the title might be ‘mirrors’.

Image Credit: Instagram @bambam1a

After the success of ‘riBBon’, Bambam might finally come back with a special to kick off the year 2022 and we are all excited. Besides having insane visuals, Bambam is an amazing rapper and singer who expresses himself uniquely.

Bambam is one of the GOT7 members who have been pursuing his career as a solo artist after departing with his ex-company.

While ‘riBBon’ had a more colorful splash for the summer, the pre-single concept photos seem to be muter in the black and white coloring.

Bambam has been showing us his many sides as an artist this past year. Ahgases are excited to see what else he has to bring us. Perhaps this pre-single is going to set it up!

Stay tuned to Bambam’s pre-single! It releases on December 28th. Keep in touch with Bambam on his Twitter @BAMBAMxABYSS, @Bambam1A, and Instagram @bambam1a.


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