Bad Buddy Series: A Highly-Recommended Refreshing Show

Bad Buddy Series is one of the most booming shows on the internet right now. 

It started airing on October 29 2021 and has been capturing the hearts of Thai BL fans ever since. As of January 13, the show has aired a total of ten episodes.It is a GMMTV Thailand production and is a teen romantic-comedy-drama that is very comforting to watch.

The series revolves around Pat (Ohm Pawat) and Pran (Nanon Korapat). They have been rivals before they were born because their parents hated each other. So, this is kind of like Romeo and Juliet, really.

Despite being polar opposites, however, the two become tired of their parents’ rivalry and agree to be friends. Their friends and parents eventually find out about their friendship and their soon-relationship.

Ohm Pawat dan Nanon Korapat have very good chemistry on and offscreen, which is why the fans automatically loved their love story onscreen. When asked about their chemistry, both actors revealed that they are comfortable with each other which made it easier for them “to breathe the same air” in the show.

A very natural Boys Love & also for the Woman’s Love too

Although there are some cliches and corny lines, this series is very heart-warming and light, so that makes it easy to follow. The main characters are also very likeable and it is just a story about how two boys find themselves in each other and become each other’s safe spaces.

Unlike some BL shows that romanticize or sexualize MLM (man loves men) relationships, this series is very natural. In one episode, they also made fun of how previous BL series are always like—the “I’m not gay, I just like him” trope as well as the husband and wife nicknames.

Scene from Bad Buddy. © GMMTV. 2021.

Bad Buddy Series also features a WLW (woman loves women) relationship with no sexualization at all! This is a win for the Sapphic community! Writers/directors often sexualize WLW relationships. Or, make them side characters with no plot. #INKPAA is beloved by the Bad Buddy Series fandom.

The show is very refreshing to see and will definitely make your heart full.

You can watch the entire series on Youtube right now:

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