Avril Lavigne Talks Her Return With New Album ‘Love Sux’

Avril Lavigne just released her seventh album and could be described as a return to form for the pop-punk sound.

Soloist Avril Lavigne reveals the source of inspiration for her new album “Love Sux”. This album was made when she was not interested in building a romantic relationship.

“So this new album is called Love Sux because that’s how I felt when I first made this album,” said Avril Lavigne, quoted from ET on February, 24.

“So at that time my relationship had just ended and I was feeling tired and needed a break to focus on myself,” she continued.

But on the way, Avril Lavigne met Mod Sun. They were known to be close in February last year and were seen spending time together. Lavigne also appeared on Mod Sun’s latest single, “Flames”. Mod Sun also co-wrote and produced several of the songs on Lavigne’s new album. “(A short break) It didn’t last long. But, that’s how I felt at the time,” the 37-year-old soloist said of her relationship with Mod Sun. In her new album, Lavigne also collaborated with Travis Barker again. Previously, Travis has also been involved in Lavigne’s third album, The Best Damn Thing (2007).

“Making an album with Travis was great fun because we worked together 15 years ago… and then we met again on this album and he’s shown progress,” Lavigne said.

“He’s grown from being an artist in a band to an artist who owns a record label, produces and writes his songs, and it’s been a lot of fun.”

The star, who’s 1984-born singer also collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly to perform a song “Bois Lie” on her new album.

“He plays guitar and he’s an amazing songwriter, he also contributes ideas, we wrote them together, then we recorded and it was really cool,” said Lavigne.

The album Love Sux marks Avril Lavigne’s return to punk music which she first brought out on her debut album, “Let Go” which was released 20 years ago. Love Sux album consists of 12 songs, from “Cannonball”, “Bite Me”, “Love Sux”, “Kiss Me Like the World is Ending” to “Avalanche”, and more.

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