Austrian Government Imposes Fines on People Who Refuse Vaccines

Around 44,000 Austrians have taken to the streets to protest against the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine, which carries a fine of up to 3,600 euros or 4074.12 USD or 58.4 million rupiah for those who refuse to be immunized.

Austrian police reported that this action was held on Saturday (11/12), shortly after the local government announced the mandatory vaccination rules. Austria became the first European country to make a Covid-19 vaccine mandatory.

“Reject vaccine fascism,” read one poster carried by demonstrators in Vienna. Meanwhile, another placard was seen reading, “I fight for freedom and against vaccines.”

As reported, this rule will come into effect in February 2022. When this rule takes effect, all citizens aged 14 years and over must take vaccinations, except those who have health problems.

The government insists that they do not force citizens to vaccinate. However, residents who do not want to be vaccinated have to pay a fine of 600 euros or the equivalent of 9.7 million rupiah.

If the problem persists, the fine could even rise to 3,600 euros, equivalent to 58.4 million rupiah.

“Democracy shouldn’t be like this.” also “We can have different opinions and values, but still live together freely,” One demonstrator named Analea said.

Austria has indeed continued to intensify calls for a vaccination program in recent times. Last month, Austria implemented a lockdown for people who had not been vaccinated.

However, because cases in Austria soared, they finally imposed a lockdown on all citizens. The lockdown ends this week.

However, the ban on leaving the house will still apply to residents who have not participated in the Covid-19 vaccination program.

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