Audi’s R8 GT Is a RWD, 602-HP Swansong of the V10 Supercar

The long queue of enthusiast-focused ICE cars’ end is joined by one more: Audi’s R8. The mid-engined V8/V10 supercar will depart with 333 rear-wheel-drive only special editions.

If you wanted the most power out of the R8, you could only have it with all wheel drive, but now’s your chance to have the most powerful factory RWD Audi. The V10 is slightly more powerful at 602 horsepower, 40 more than the factory 562 HP. It has 413 lb-ft of torque, with a 0-62 MPH of 3.4 seconds, and a top speed of 320 km/h. We are quite sure it’s well capable of going beyond, but restrictions say otherwise. It packs a much more serious look, with carbon fiber splitters, canards, side skirts, a diffuser, and a gooseneck rear wing; the cherry on top to complete the track-ready, Suzuka Grey dress of the R8.

It is 20 kilos lighter at 1570 kg, with a new blacked-out intake. In its handling department lies carbon ceramic brakes, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic anti-roll bars, with an option for better coilovers (which, given the status of the R8 GT, is a no-brainer to have). There’s no option for a gated manual, which we assume might upset some purists. There is a refined 7-speed DCT transmission with gearings that should allow for quicker shifts. And thanks to its RWD configuration, Audi has added a customizable stability control system via a knob on the steering wheel dubbed the ‘Torque Rear mode’, with seven different stages, going from tightly locked to loosened; which would allow the V10 to treat most grounds as a slip-and-slide. There’s numbering encased in carbon fiber, with a black interior that features red stitching and seatbelts. All of it could be yours for €225,000.



p class=”MsoNormal”>It’s quite a great sendoff for the icon, which started off in 2007. Lamborghini’s R8 counterpart, the Huracan, is also scheduled to depart this year. Both generations of the R8 have made multiple appearances in media, being one of Iron Man’s cars, a Decepticon fodder that was sliced in half, the final boss’ car of Need for Speed Carbon (albeit as a prototype) and many other features. Rest assured, we will miss the screaming NA German V10 (and V8), another icon soon to be history along with many other models.

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