Audi Unveils TT RS Coupe ‘Iconic Edition’ Alongside R8 GT


Amidst the departure of the R8, Audi also announced the TT RS Coupe Iconic Edition, a similarly decorated version of the TT model, which seemingly implies an approaching end to the Tourist Trophy.



The Iconic Edition, unlike the R8 GT, has nothing done to its powertrain, though there isn’t a necessity for change. It still packs the same award-winning 2.5-liter inline five, paired to the seven-speed S Tronic transmission, with the Quattro all-wheel-drive system. It does 0-62 MPH in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 280 km/h, which is still respectable numbers. The most notable change is its aerokit that was perfected in a wind tunnel, which includes a splitter, canards, blades in the front side air intakes, an RS-exclusive diffuser, and a fixed carbon fiber rear spoiler.



Inside, there are two-tone sporty RS seats that have honeycomb-patterned stitching, yellow accents, door cards from Alcantara, and a numbered badge to set it apart from an ordinary RS, as if the exterior wasn’t enough. Speaking of the outside, the designers of Audi took inspiration from Bauhaus, where their design philosophy believes that ‘less is more’. The mildly aggressive looks of this limited-edition state otherwise, but it does look quite subtle. It has a fairly expensive price tag of £87,650.






p class=”MsoNormal”>It’s quite hard to believe that the first gen came out in 1998, and although most continue to regard it as a hairdresser’s car, the TT became much more than that in its second generation, ditching the smaller size for a bigger, more appropriately sporty exterior. Though it hasn’t seen much light thanks to the SUV craze, the AWD compact coupe will go down in history along with the R8 as a few of Audi’s greatest marvels.


(Images sourced from Audi)

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