Attack on Titan Hold an Exhibition in Singapore

Be ready Singapore, Attack on Titan: The Exhibition hit in February 2022!

Attack on Titan Hold an Exhibition in Singapore
The Great Titan Theater, an epic battle sequence on a 10-meter widescreen. (source: CNA Lifestyle)

The popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan presents an exclusive artwork exhibition in ArtScience Museum, Singapore. The exhibition will start from February 19th until July 3rd. This artwork exhibition comes up along with Attack on Titan’s The Final Season Part 2’s screening on Netflix.

You can see 180 pieces of artwork by Hajime Isayama himself. The visitors can see directly how the manga series progressed from the very beginning. In Singapore, the exhibition will show new pieces of artwork that were first displayed. These new pieces have not been shown anywhere else in the world.

The showcase has two parts of the path. You can walk as someone who lives inside or outside the wall. The atmosphere will turn differently when you walk into the fighting section. All of this path will bring you to the iconic characters mainly Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Reiner, and Erwin. Moreover, you can see the epic battle sequence on a 10-meter long screen in the Great Titan Theater.

The exhibition includes the interview with the creator Hajime Isayama. He will share his experience as he creates the manga series for decades until it becomes a hit around the world. He began the story of Attack on Titan in 2009 under Kodansha’s publisher.

The story follows humanity who hides behind great walls from a giant humanoid creature Titan. After a century, a 40-meter titan breached the outer wall and let the other titans enter the human territory. Eren, Armin, and Mikasa later join the expedition team Survey Corps to learn about titan and the power behind it.

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