Atlanta Has Released Its Season 3 Teaser

The absurd and pure gold dark-comedy on television comes with a new teaser of its season 3. Atlanta (2016), bringing us the dark-comedy of our generation by the mind of Donald Glover or famously known as Childish Gambino. Returns with a teaser that shows us Brian Tyree Henry character Alfred is sitting alone in a room, ominously unsettling.

This series has been put on hold ever since the last season’s release in 2018. Follows the story of Earnest teaming up with his old buddy Alfred and Darius. Dreaming of becoming the biggest Hip-Hop artist, the journey was non-sensical and surreal at best. With notable episodes of Twin Peaks-esque aesthetics and directorial choice of “Teddy Perkins”. And the obnoxiously suffocating hyped of “Champagne Papi”.

Atlanta now will bring us back the trio’s journey into the European culture, continuing the last season’s finale of Alfred going on tour. The blatant use of absurdist comedy, and the awkward jokes & situation that shapes each episode. Atlanta is one of the mist

In the latest teaser, the promise of a lot more surrealism and ghastly directorial choice is showcased perfectly. By the not so obvious choice of Sun Ra songs on the teaser. “It’s after the end of the world.. don’t you know that yet?” is echoing through the imagery of European landscapes. And by that Atlanta has announced their return on FX by the year 2022.

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