Asha Lapps


I went out of the box in this article by coming across an incredibly talented music artist by the name of Asha Lapps.


I met Ms. Lapps at a park in Ajax, Ontario, performing with a gentleman by the name of Peter Byberg.


Pete was playing an Acoustic Guitar connected to a speaker with mics, as Asha was singing, they were performing out of a cube van. Doing their own thing which is remarkable, I listened to her vocals, and it was soothing to say. Both greeted me as I approached them to spectate and man they did not disappoint.


A little about Asha’s background. She is a business owner that takes charge of her time, and a Flight Attendant by day, who is a music lover that enjoys performing in her free time and has deep roots in the music scene from her family.


She specializes in singing mostly covers, with older R & B, and ’70s-’80s soft rock music. Asha has performed at various open mics, with weddings and anniversaries. Along with Peter, Asha has been practicing with him since January. Where they were to perform on stages at a couple of restaurants, one of which is Sugar Kane, but with a scheduled performance in Bowmanville. Where she is hoping to garner more restaurant gigs to her resume.


I had the privilege of interviewing Asha over the phone with a few questions of course and her response was direct but humble, to say the least.


You are a businesswoman by day. How do your music aspirations keep you focused on keeping a consistent balanced work lifestyle where you can engage in both ventures?


“First of all, I enjoy both very much. I love work and singing, there is space to do both, accumulating a lot of skills I have learned in my business. More so, I have applied it to music, becoming a more important source to give time to creativity. And that you can also work to fund your passion, it is important to have both.”


You work with a talented individual musician who enjoys playing amongst you and an audience. Where did that passion come from within you in your opinion?


“I grew up listening to music around my parents, my dad was a deejay who liked performing in front of me, playing a lot of music to my delight. My performance took place at my grandmother’s funeral in 2003, and people complimented me on my voice at 23.”


As a businesswoman, what would you recommend to young ladies, who are into their ventures in the entertainment industry? working to currently balance out their lifestyle with a day job that could help them with their acting or music careers as they progress?


“For me, scheduling time always sets aside some time to do what you want to do. Even when it gets busy keep your time available. Even if it is a little bit.”



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