As Nuclear Talk Stalls, Us Hit Tehran With New Sanctions

Since last Friday, the Iran nuclear talk has been paused due to significant disagreement between Tehran and western negotiators. 

European officials voiced serious concerns about Iran’s renewed demand exceeding the expectations from the 2015 JCPOA agreement. They are pessimistic about Iran’s new leader and its government’s commitment to follow the agreement. 

Iran’s negotiator Ali Bagheri said the burden of the nuclear talk rested upon the west, Iran will not compromise unless all sanctions are removed including sanctions that are unrelated to nuclear power. 

On Tuesday this week, Washington announced new sanctions towards various people and entities in Iran, Syria, and Uganda. According to Reuters, the United States designated the Special Units of Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces as well as several of their officials over human rights abuses and repressive acts. 

On Wednesday, according to a press release from DOJ, The Justice Department has forfeited two large caches of Iranian arms. The U.S. Navy seized the weapons from two vessels in the Arabian Sea. 

Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed on US’s decision to double down on sanctions, stating it won’t create any leverage over the nuclear talk.

Meanwhile, the U.S. would also send its own delegate to the nuclear talk over this weekend as European officials prepared for the last round of talks starting this Thursday. This could be seen as the last round of talk before diplomacy fails. British Secretary Liz Truss said, “ This is the last chance for Iran to join the nuclear deal. ” 

According to the Times of Israel, Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister will also head to Washington for pushing a tougher stance over the nuclear talks. At the same time, discussion over military drills would also take place to prepare for the worst scenarios.  Washington has warned it will not risk prolonged negotiation talk while Iran used it as a strategic time period to advance on the nuclear program.

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