Artist Beeple’s Real-Life NFT ‘Human One’ Sells for $28.9 Million

A 3-D video sculpture created by an artist called Beeple has sold for $28.9 million to an NFT bidder in Switzerland. The auction went live in New York on Tuesday morning.

It’s the artist’s first physical work. The winning bid made sure the sculpture shattered significant NFT records at a $69.3 million nonfungible token. It also exceeded the $15 million estimate by a whopping $10 million.

The 7-foot sculpture made of LED screens features an image of someone in an astronaut suit walking through dystopian backdrops. Being three-dimensional, viewers could view the different aspects of the image.

The kinetic video combines the physical with the digital. Beeple, whose real name is Michael Winkelmann, first set off the NFT craze in March when one of his pieces sold for an incredible $69.3 million.

Although ‘Human One’ has been sold, Winkelmann would still need to edit the video periodically using blockchain. Also, he plans to continue updating the footage for as long as he lives. But every edit would be in line with the buyer’s approval.

NFTs have been popular due to the rise of cryptocurrency, and their popularity keeps growing by the day. NFT artists use the blockchain to tokenize their art and to establish verified proof of digital ownership.

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