Arnold Schwarzenegger Posted “Zeus” for February 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays Zeus on his Instagram feed with the clue “Coming February 2022”

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zeus Coming in February 2022?
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus. (source: MovieWeb)

Yesterday (01/28), Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger posted something that shocks his fans. He posted a photo of him as the Greek God Zeus. Without mentioning any show project, he just write “Coming February 2022” in the caption. The photo itself looks like a promotional poster of a project. People wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger will play Zeus in the upcoming project in February 2022?

Schwarzenegger is one of the stars that regularly shares his activity online. He often shares about his acting, sports, political careers, and workout tips on his Instagram. He knows very well how to entertain his fans through social media. Sometimes, Schwarzenegger shares about his upcoming shows, but this one is kinda odd.

According to IMDb, Schwarzenegger is not featured in any upcoming shows in February 2022. All of his upcoming works are still in pre-production status and just announced. Theoretically, there is no upcoming project coming soon. But, Men’s Health has drawn their guess for this mysterious Zeus poster.

Most likely, the actor will participate in the Super Bowl event coming on February 13th. It is similar to the Crocodile Dundee 2018 Super Bowl ad, it was strange and confusing. It was actually a teaser for a large marketing campaign. The teaser featured Australian famous actors which are Chris Hemsworth, Danny McBride, and other actors.

Schwarzenegger’s Zeus photo remains a mystery. There is still no confirmation about this, all we can do is wait. We will see what the actor has prepared for the fans next February, just stay tuned.

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