Arknights TV Anime Second Season Confirmed, Titled ‘Perish in Frost’

The post-credits scene of Arknights: Prelude to Dawn’s eighth and final episode confirms the second season of the anime, highly likely to cover episode 4 to 6 in the game.


With the first season covering the prologue and the first three chapters, the anime will presumably take another season to cover the last two episodes, as it is an arc of its own. The first season had eight episodes, and given the complexity of the next arc, it will presumably take more than eight episodes to complete. Though we have the title of the next season, there is no information given on its release date.


For those unfamiliar with Arknights and/or its first season, it’s an anime adaptation of the mobile game’s main story, which spans over 9 chapters for its first main themes. The story is set in Terra, an alternative version of earth where natural disasters happen occasionally. Giant cities are built on humongous vehicles to avoid (or at least minimize) the damages. These catastrophes bring Originium, a substance that powers most of the technology in Terra. However, those who come in contact with it may contract a disease called Oripathy, where their bodies slowly crystallize to form more of the Originium. Those with Oripathy are dubbed the Infected, and receive heavy discrimination from those who aren’t. The infected, however, gains the ability to utilize Arts, a form of magic-like powers which include the capability to heal, use certain weapons, control over elements, attack with their powers, etc.


Rhodes Island is the organization working to figure the cure to the disease, while also providing medical services and treatment to the infected. The discrimination of the infected created a revolutionary organization called Reunion, which seeks to bring a better life for all infected, mostly through violent means.





We’ve actually seen the next season’s antagonist a few times in Prelude to Dawn – even her voice was featured. As the title suggests, Rhodes Island is set to deal with FrostNova, one of Reunion’s most powerful commanders, who leads the ‘Yeti Squad.’

Like Skullshatterer and his troops, FrostNova also has a cult-like following with her squad. She has the power of cryokinesis, and is incredibly adept at her Arts. And like most Reunion commanders, she has a tragic backstory of her own, one that will hit much harder than the likes of Misha and her brother for players and watchers alike.

Having played through her arc, the levels were certainly frustrating with her RNG, but her story arc is perhaps one of the most influential ones, according to the majority of the community. It’s one that we bet will leave a larger impact on viewers than Prelude to Dawn.

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