Arknights’ Lingering Echoes Side Event Overview: Dissonanzen Banner, Hibiscus Alter, Stage Mechanics, and More

After the ninth contingency contract, we come to Lingering Echoes, the latest side event in Arknights’ global server that brings another alter to the table, along with a new gamemode to keep Doctors occupied with their module upgrades, starting December 27.

Lingering Echoes Side Event

Arknights Official Trailer - Lingering Echoes - YouTube


The last side event of 2022 places a heavy focus around orchestras, and perhaps it’s best that we leave it at that for you to go through the story yourself. This event brings a new stage mechanic, dubbed the ‘Realigned Flux.’ Produced from structures called the ‘Tubas,’ the beam that it emits grants operators in its way immunity to the debuff that is a slower SP (Skill Point) recovery. It doesn’t sound that bad until the enemies deal more damage to operators not placed in the beam. The Realigned Flux can be redirected by the direction that your operators are deployed in, so it takes a bit of thinking to A) cover all your operators, and B) get them to be on that line. Do be careful with it, as some enemies have attacks capable of hurting operators connected with the Realigned Flux instead.

Frankly enough, as a player who often relies on KyostinV, Eckogen, and a ton of other player’s guides for most side events, this event is unexpectedly easier than previous ones. As someone who often resorts to bringing higher-rarity ops and not thinking much, the difficulty only kicks in at the last stage, where I quickly gave up on using lower-rarity operators and simply went all-in with my strongest operators. I managed to clear the stage, but did not get the trimmed medal. For that, I’ll need to look up a guide. Bruteforce works, but not when you’re trying to Surtr + Thorns + Mountain your way to the shiny medal.

Event Rewards


A total of 29 originium primes can be obtained for this event, and the farmable materials are in LE-5, LE-6, and LE-7, consisting of sugar packs, grindstones, and semi-synthetic solvents respectively. It’s probably the first (if not in a while) time that the eighth stage does not carry any rewards other than the event currency, and has a lower sanity requirement than the previous stage. 5-star arts protector archetype defender Czerny is the welfare operator. He is a dedicated musician that makes use of what appears to be a grand piano reassembled to form a shield. We’d like to question why, but everyone that Rhodes Island recruits has their own ways of styling on the enemies, and this is certainly a unique (though realistically flawed and expensive) way to do so.

New Furniture Theme


The furniture set featured in this event is the Afterglow-Styled Music Room, which has 5000 ambience and is essentially a display room of Czerny’s musical instruments. Both he and Hibiscus were the ones to figure the layout, and they’ve both named it “Czerny’s Music Room.” 

Dissonanzen Banner

 New Operators


This banner brings 3 new operators: Ebenholz, the 6-star mystic caster and Czerny, who both play an important role in this event’s story, and Hibiscus the Purifier, the third alter from the OP Reserve A1 team. A 5-star incantation medic, her archetype is a new one, where she will prioritize attacking enemies and healing 50% of her damage dealt to allies within her range. It’s a unique one, making her what the community likes to call a ‘harmacist.’ Like her other teammates, she has grown to become a full-fledged operator, and with that, she will supposedly carry more clarification as to what happened to teammates Fang and Beagle. I would discuss it here, but that would be spoilers. In Lingering Echoes, she is sent to investigate the matters in the event.

Stationary Security Service and Modules Update

Rhodes Island continues to expand beyond a pharmaceutical company, now offering security services courtesy of Ceylon and Leonhardt. Stationary Security Service (which I will now refer to SSS for short) works somewhat like the annihilation stages – it has a reset time and a limit as to how much of the rewards you can have. What are the rewards, you ask? You’ll mainly source your module upgrade materials here. Several operator modules now have another layer of upgrades available, and it’s a lot like the skill level upgrades. I have only gone through the tutorial, but with preset squads and mechanics such as same-class redeployment bonuses, limited numbers of deployable operators, and the relieved-prepared operators, I can foresee some possible challenges, one that my brain may not be able to handle. It’s worth noting that featured operators are mostly (if not all) Elite 2, which does present a problem to those who do not like to be spoiled for E2 portraits and/or don’t have them/haven’t leveled them up – perhaps it’s just me, but then again I don’t E2 or even level up ops unless I need them for a stage. A stupid strategy? I would agree.

Gaming Outfits

This update brings out the gaming fellows of Rhodes Island in full: Aosta, Flametail, and Kirara get gaming-themed costumes, which is quite an interesting refresher, being used to the usual drippy/tactical/casual blend of outfits offered by Closure.

Flametail’s Sport for All takes her back to the days of being a competitive knight. She still is, just in a different space. With short pants and a crop top, it would only make sense that her game of choosing is VR, specifically a sword-fighting one. There are tons of details in this one – the daily missions, her rank going down (presumably the game she is playing has a competitive mode), sort-of Justice Knight being the score keeper, and her Pinus Sylvestris fellows as the other players. Despite the limited space of her setup, she still enjoys the game. It also has some notable special effects. While I was thinking of skipping this set altogether, I might just pick up Flametail’s. It costs 18 OP.

Aosta’s Light Gun Adjuster is less of a casual wear and more of a throwback to his past, as his own outfit was the same one he wore while working for the Family (not you, Dom). Despite his sharp looks and usual tactical additions, this is more of his preferred costume to test light gun games, although Chiave is stated to be the ones to make repairs. It fits his class as a sniper and is a great departure from his baggy wear. It does make him look like a henchman/general of some sorts. While the machine(s) may or may not be his, it seems he’s really making a small fortune out of it, and he’s quite the avid player, having the entire high-score section entirely filled by him in ‘Cyber Boy 3,” which is an obvious reference to Cyberpunk 2077. I can’t quite figure out what title ‘Cyber Fighters 986’ is referring to, but we do know it’s a fighting game with 5 buttons. My first guess was the KOF series, but the 5-button layout points more to Guilty Gear or Arcana Heart. Or perhaps it’s some obscure title that I don’t know. Perhaps I am overthinking this. Regardless, it comes with special effects and costs 18 OP.

Kirara’s Trendsetting Player outfit is a full-on dream for most. Thrown in as a bonus for purchasing an all-in-one gaming console, Kirara chose the colors and it fits in with her incredibly vibrant gaming setup. Tons of details in this one too; to the right of her feet is what appears to be Terra’s version of a PS1/Gamecube with an NES-like controller, her custom PC and one-hand keyboard/streaming controller, tons of tubes (presumably it’s liquid cooled, fitting considering her Ægir race), a Gameboy by the coffee and cake, and the ‘Abyss’ brand. Tentacles and Pac-Man ghosts shaped inklings are also seen, and everything all around just fits her status as Rhodes Island’s (chronically addicted) gamer. It also has effects and is the cheapest of the three, coming in at 15 OP. With a setup like hers, we could relate with the Ægir for being reluctant on leaving her room for the battlefield.

Other things include new operator records and a new chapter in the Phantom & Crimson Solitaire IS mode, as well as the newest batch of English, Korean, and Chinese operator voices.

(Credits to’s Arknights page contributors and Daniel O’Brien’s article on Lingering Echoes for the screenshots!)

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