Ariana Grande’s R.E.M Beauty Must-Haves

Ariana Grande is one of the popular singers to join the beauty industry with her own makeup brand – r.e.m. beauty.


Launched on 21 March 2022, we first caught a glimpse of r.e.m. beauty’s PR package from celebrities and influencers like Kim Kardashian.


The concept and theme of Ariana Grande’s beauty line is space, much like her ‘Break Free’ music video way back in 2014.


Here are the must-haves from r.e.m beauty!


Plumping lip gloss

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Lip glosses are essential must-haves in your makeup collection. With r.e.m beauty’s plumping lip gloss, you’ll get “fuller-looking lips, heavenly hydration, and a high-shine finish” with a range of colors from nude mattes, ethereal shimmers, and a classic transparent.

Price: $17


01_eyeshadow palette 

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An eyeshadow palette with 6 colors of both matte and shimmers. Currently, there are 3 different palettes: midnight snack, baby doll (nude colors), and principessa (sunset colors) that are perfect for everyday makeup.

Price: $24


Highlight topper

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This highlight topper has a range of cute and otherworldly shades, such as mama earth (an icy mint color), miss lavender (an iridescent purple color), and miss pluto (a deep rich bronze) are fun colors to incorporate into your look.

Price: $22


Lustrous liquid eyeshadow

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The lustrous liquid eyeshadow will not only give you a dynamic look, but the “luxe liquid gel” formula is pigmented, long-wearing, and waterproof with a “matte and lustrous finish”. Other than nude shades, there are bold shades like the milky way (metallic rich teal) and telescope (metallic blackened silver).

Price: $16

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