Are Smart Monitors Replacement for Smart TV’s


Samsung first released its smart monitors back in November 2020. This was something that Samsung had never done before and was a massive breakthrough.


It had nearly all the smart TV features, with a built-in home entertainment system. You could watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer for £699. It also comes with Samsung Dex. All you need to do is just tap the side of the monitor with any of your Samsung phones, and it will automatically connect to the monitor.


The Samsung smart monitors come in two sizes. 32-inch and 42-inches, which begs the question, are Samsung smart monitors a suitable replacement for smart TVs?


Well, think of it this way; If you’re a student moving out and looking for any source of entertainment in your accommodation, you can always buy a Samsung smart monitor for about £250 to £400 for those students who get a discount. It’s used for entertainment but can also be used for work.


As for the hardware features, it comes with two HDMI ports, so if you’re a gamer, you could use one port to connect your laptop and the other port to connect your XBOX or Playstation.


In addition, if you look at Samsung’s expensive smart TVs like the QLED 8K TV, which sits around 3K to 7K. It’s pretty expensive compared to the smart monitor, which has nearly all the design features of the smart TV. Of course, apart from the aspect ratio, hardware ports, and screen resolution.


So, to answer the question asked earlier, whether or not smart monitors are a replacement for smart TVs, the answer is yes and no. Smart TVs have a tremendous amount of software features than Samsung smart monitors, like the 8K screen resolution and HDR and, of course, a more prominent screen size.


It all falls into what the user wants out of the smart monitor. If they’re looking to buy it for gaming and entertainment, Samsung smart monitors are the right choice to go for. Suppose the user just wants to use it for work and nothing more; they’re better off getting just a regular monitor rather than spending a crazy amount of money on a smart monitor that won’t use all the features it has to offer.

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