Arcane Second Season Is Confirmed

After the 3rd act of Arcane was released on Saturday on Netflix, Arcane surprised us on their Twitter account with Arcane Season 2. On Sunday morning, they tweeted, “Ready yourselves, friends. Season 2 of Arcane is now in production. Where’s Hexgate when you need one?”. They also included a short video with Vi’s voice in it. The release date itself is still unclear, obviously.


Adapted from a popular MOBA video game League of Legends, with a collaboration between Riot Games and Netflix, Arcane was aired on Netflix on November 6th. This animation series is divided into three acts, with one act consisting of three 40-minutes length episodes. Those episodes were updated every week. The 3rd act was released on November 20th which concluded the first season of the series.


Since its first appearance, Arcane has placed first as a popular show on Netflix in 38 countries, beating the popular series Squid Game record. Arcane also received many praises from fans and audiences about its high-quality animation and solid voice acting which livened up the characters. Aside from the visual, Riot Games also gathered famous celebrities to play the characters such as Hailee Steinfeld as Vi and Ella Purnell as Jinx.


Following the League of Legends’ champions sisters, Vi and Jinx, who seek to reunite in the high tension between two worlds, Pitlover and Zaun. They are divided by dark power Arcane that keeps them at a distance. The political matters and magical power bring the underworld Zaun and the majestic town of Pitlover into warfare.


Will Vi and Jinx get back together as sisters? Watch Arcane now on Netflix to find out! 

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