Arcane, Netflix Series League of Legends That’s Booming in 38 Countries

The animated series League of Legends, Arcane, which aired on Netflix recently became a hot topic of conversation and achieved fantastic popularity.

Since its release, the Netflix series which was worked on by Riot Games, has now gained immense popularity in 38 countries in the world. Even though the first episode of Arcane just aired on November 6th, 2021.

Based on FlixPatrol data some time ago, this animated series Arcane managed to be in first place in the Netflix Top 10 category. This series managed to beat other rivals such as Squid Game to Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

The Arcane series with the theme of this mobile game managed to become number one in a number of countries such as Brazil, France, Germany to Russia. In the United States, this series ranks 6th.

Meanwhile in the UK, the series by Riot Games ranks 8th. In South Korea, Arcane managed to rank 3rd as the most popular Netflix series today

Arcane is an animated series with the theme League of Legends by Riot Games. Made according to the game, Arcane takes the exact same theme and concept as the mobile game.

The series revolves around LoL Jinx and Vi who are involved in a battle between the Piltover and Zaun regions. These two areas are said to be full of crime and poverty which is quite threatening.

A big promotion was carried out by Riot Games when it introduced this Arcane animated series with the theme of League of Legends. Now, you can watch the series on the app.

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