April Fools! THE BOYZ Members Prank Fans on Social Media!


Friday, April 1, 2022, is April Fools day! On this annual custom, K-Pop idols also jump in on the tradition with several pranks to fans on social media.


THE BOYZ isn’t unfamiliar with April Fools, as they almost always do their funny pranks and jokes on Twitter.


This time, six of the members: Jacob, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Younghoon, New, and Juhaknyeon pranked fans on their fancafe by changing their profile pictures into doodles of animals. Juhaknyeon even changed his profile from “THE BOYZ” to “STAFF”



Here are other pranks from individual members!


Q (Changmin)

Q posted several tweets on Twitter, with photos of squirrels eating corn and smelling flowers. The joke in this tweet is that Q has turned into a squirrel, as fans often say that Q looks like an adorable squirrel.



Sunwoo posted a video of what looks like a dance performance – except that it turned out to be a still jpg image of a thumbnail with a play button. The joke worked as some fans fell for the classic prank.



Kevin posted a tweet with the caption “Greetings from Morty” along with a picture of a snake cage, except that it was the cartoon character Morty from Adult Swim TV show Rick and Morty instead of Kevin’s real snake.




Younghoon posted a picture of a small dog wearing glasses with the caption: “Oh… I became small.”. This cute prank is accurate as Younghoon is often said to resemble a cute dog and wears similar thick-rimmed glasses.


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