Apple’s Electric Car Likely to Launch in 2025

Image Credit: iStock

Apple Inc is working on launching its electric car in early 2025 and refocusing on self-driving projects, Bloomberg reported.

Apple’s electric car will not have a steering wheel and pedals, with an interior designed for hands-off driving that allows drivers to take their hands off while driving. This would be a huge leap, as currently, although there are cars with self-driving capabilities, most of them are still made with a human driver in mind.

Apple’s efforts in the automotive sector, known as Project Titan, have been ongoing since 2014. Analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush said the odds of Apple being able to launch its own car by 2025 ranged from 60 to 65 percent. Currently, it is said that Apple has supposedly finished a large fraction of the ‘core work’ for this project.

The Bloomberg report said that some of the people working on the project were skeptical about the timeline and progress that includes self-driving systems, processor chips, and advanced sensors.

However, Apple declined to comment on the report. In December, Reuters reported that Apple was aiming to produce passenger vehicles powered by its own breakthrough battery technology by 2024.

Currently, the market demand for electric vehicles is increasing as countries and customers are becoming more concerned about the environment. This pushed the market value of companies like Tesla and Rivian to be well above conventional car manufacturers for decades.

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