Apple Takes A Major Step in Device Repair

Earlier, newer Apple devices are known for being difficult to repair. But now Apple starts to open its doors to independent repair. Of course with Apple genuine parts and tools.

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Apple just announced Self Service Repair which allows users to repair their own Apple devices with Apple genuine parts and tools.

Self Service Repair will be available next year, starting with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, then followed by Apple Mac computers with M1 chip, stated Apple in the press release

This initiative is intended for individual technicians who have knowledge and experience in repairing electronic devices.

Apple encourages the users who want to self repair the device to review the repair manual first before proceeding to order the Apple genuine parts or tools.

Though Apple didn’t mention it in the press release. This initiative is an answer for ongoing worldwide “Right to Repair” movements which demand the electronic manufacturers to make the device repairable.

The genuine parts and tools will be offered through over 200 Apple stores. The first phase of this initiative will focus on the iPhone display, camera, and battery.



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