Apple Releases iOS 15.5 Beta Version, Here’s A Line Of New Features



After releasing the final version of iOS 15.4, Apple rolled out the iOS 15.5 beta update. This possibility is the last update before iOS 6 is introduced at WWDC 2022 in June.


iOS 15.5 includes a major update, and because of the many new features that Apple has provided. Anything?


1. Apple Classic

Apple acquired classical music service Primephonic in August 2021, and said, “In the coming months, Apple Music Classical fans will have a personalized experience with Primephonic’s best features, including better search and search capabilities by composer and repertoire, detailed metadata display classical music, plus new features and benefits.”


But until now users have not been able to enjoy it. But several developers found the Apple Classical code in iOS 15.5. Apple will likely launch simultaneously with the release of the final version of iOS 15.5.


2. Apple SportsKit

Another feature that is rumored to be found mentioned in the code, SportsKit is an Apple software package that allows scores and sports data to be sent directly to a home screen widget and read out by Siri.


3. Apple Wallet Cash

In the Apple Wallet app, there is a Cash menu that has a Pay and Request button. This will make it easier for users to give and receive money from their contacts, rather than going through a banking application or taking cash at an ATM.


4. iTunes Pass

iTunes Pass is an old feature for storing and managing iTunes credit in Wallet, in iOS 15.5 its name will be changed to Apple Account.


This feature will work the same as showing the remaining unused balance in the Apple account. But maybe the capabilities are increased so that it can be used for the App Store and in-app purchases.


“Your account balance can be used to buy products, accessories, apps, games, and more online or in stores with Apple Pay,” the code reads.


5. External Links

OS 15.5 adds External Links support which is designed to allow applications to add links to external websites for account creation and management purposes. External links will allow apps like Netflix to offer a way to sign up for accounts outside of the App Store’s in-app purchases system

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