Another Eden: The 3000 Realm Ark and the Sea Abyss

After 14 months, Another Eden finally receives the release of a new episode! Though we’ve had plenty of other story content, it’s good to see a previous episode receiving attention.

The first episode dealt with a looming disaster. It involved a power-hungry man awakening the ancient leviathan, a power that could bring about turmoil unto the world. Enter our heroes, saving the day and putting a stop to his plans.

The sequel will be revealing the mystery behind Leviathan, who’s been a recurring figure as of the recent Mythos. He himself never made an appearance, but his presence was ever-looming. The episode itself derives from the Mythos and is a sort of continuity. The episode summary goes as follows:

The evil brought about by the 1000 Year Ark has come to an end. Peace has returned to the Dragon Palace, and the seas are calm and serene. But there is a faint, ominous sign just beyond where the offshore wind blows.

A huge shadow swells in the darkness of the demon sea of no return. In the northern seas, the merfolk live, echoing a song that calls for disaster. The thin ice that peace was built upon is about to shatter. Lured by the compass of fate, the girl throws herself into the rough seas once again.

Between the reversing waves, what watches from the abyss?

In terms of content, the update brings new areas on the map, such as the Siren’s Village and Undersea Volcano. The Otohime, Sheila, will receive an Another Style form and is unlockable through playing the episode. Pizzica is a new character that will be available to summon in Dreams. It has also been confirmed that the Extra Style form of Nagi will come out at a later date.

As mentioned in a previous article, this episode will have prerequisites before being accessible. Additionally, there will be a limited-time award for starting part one of the episode. Are you excited for this episode? or perhaps you’ve never played Another Eden before? If you haven’t, then I highly recommend trying it out! Though a gacha game in nature, it holds on to the J-RPG spirit quite strongly. The game’s story director has worked on titles such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy XI, and World of Mana. With Another Eden marketed as the spiritual successor to the Chrono series.

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