Animals That Are No Longer Endangered Species

Here are some animals that are no longer endangered species and must be protected.

  • 20 000 or so southern white rhinos are currently housed in protected regions in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Out of the 5 rhino species, it is the only one that is no longer considered endangered.


Giant Panda In 2016, the status of the Giant Panda was changed from “endangered” to “vulnerable.” Today, almost 2,000 giant pandas roam free in protected areas all throughout China.


Arabian Oryx due to poachers, it was believed that the “Arabian Unicorn” had gone extinct in the early 1970s. The oryx was reintroduced into the wild in 1982 following the captive breeding of the few remaining individuals. It is currently thought to be weak.


The 1970s saw the inclusion of Grey Wolves on the endangered species list. More over 5,600 gray wolves are thought to be living in the wild in the US right now.


Northern Brown Kiwi is up until 2017, this New Zealand bird was in grave risk of extinction. Thanks to conservation measures, it is presently slowly expanding at a rate of 2% year.


The Louisiana Black Bear was listed as endangered in 1992 due to habitat degradation brought on by agricultural expansion. 700,000 acres of ecosystems were restored over the course of the last 17 years in an effort to preserve them. Following the bears’ delisting in 2016, there are now 500–750 left in the wild.



The extinction of endangered species in the wild is quite likely. They can be under danger from exotic species, hunting, or habitat degradation. The Asian Elephant, Blue Whale, Chimpanzee, and Tiger are examples of well-known endangered species.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, which was updated on January 29, 2010, included 5,220 endangered species, including 2,754 mammals and 2,464 plants.

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