Animals Of Ukraine

Animals of Ukraine

Many different breeds originate from many different areas; like many other countries, Ukraine has its own fair share,

Ukrainian Skycutter

Also known as a Polish Orlik or Lublin Orlik, this is a pigeon breed developed by centuries of breeding for high flying. It originated in the Crimean Peninsula. The bird can fly at altitudes reaching one kilometre for lengthy time periods; unlike other pigeons, they will fly straight up from their loft or coop.

Kiev Tumbler

This fancy pigeon breed has three varieties: the Yellow Kiev Tumbler, The Black Kiev Tumbler, and the Red Kiev Tumbler.

          The Yellow Kiev Tumbler is notable for its breeders being somewhat widespread in Europe.

          The Red Kiev Tumbler flies at medium height; it is a slender, gentle bird, slightly smaller than a homing pigeon.

          The Red Kiev Tumbler has a coloured body, but its head, breast, neck, and feet are white.

Poltava Chicken

This chicken is an old dual-purpose breed, meaning it is used for both meat and eggs. It has three color varieties: Clay, Cuckoo, and Black.

Askanian Sheep


This is a domesticated breed of sheep found in Ukraine; it is bred for its fine, white wool.

Ukrainian White Steppe Pig

This is a general-purpose pig breed developed in the early 20th century by cross-breeding native Ukrainian pigs with imported British Large White boards. At one point quite numerous, the breed is now listed as endangered.

Myrhorod Pig

Миргородська свиня.jpg

This is a lard-type pig breed from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Spotted Steppe Pig

This pig is another Ukrainian lard-type breed.

Yurino Cow

This breed is a dual-purpose bovine that originated from Ukraine. Its colouring is usually shades of red, occasionally with white markings.

Brown Carpathian Cattle

This cattle breed originated in Western Ukraine. The breed was the result of cross-breeding local cattle with Brown Swiss cattle; this was intended to produce a dual-purpose dairy/beef breed of cow.

Lebedyn Cattle

This breed was created by crossing Ukrainian Grey cattle with Brown Swiss bulls. Similar in appearance to Brown Swiss cattle, their colouring ranges from almost gray to dark brown.

Ukrainian Grey

a greyish-white bull or bullock with large curved horns

This is an ancient cattle breed; a hardy breed, it is used for meat and draught power. Both cows and bulls have horns, and their colouring is grey, with darker foreparts.


Also known as a Volinian Beef, this breed represents about 28% of the Ukrainian beef herd as of 2009.

Ukrainian Levkoy (cat)

Ukrainian Levkoy cat.jpg

This distinctive-looking cat is presently only recognized by Ukrainian and Russian breeding clubs. It is a medium-sized long-bodied cat with soft, wrinkly skin; its head is contoured and angular, and it has folded ears and almond-shaped eyes.


Hortaya Borzaya.jpg

This sighthound originated in both Ukraine and Russia. The breed is used for hunting in a traditional manner, with hunters on horseback. It is said to resemble a cross between a greyhound and a Borzoi.

East European Shepherd (dog)

Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka.jpg

This shepherd dog breed originated in the Ukrainian SSR in the early 20th century. It is significantly larger than the German Shepherd and has dense, medium-length fur. Its colouring can be black and tan, sable, or solid black, with rare occurrences of a brindle or white coat.

South Russian Ovcharka

South Russian Ovcharka.jpg

Also called the South Ukrainian Ovarchka, this guardian breed was developed in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. It is large, with a wedge-shaped head and pendant, triangular ears; the long, thick coat is usually white, gray, or pale ivory, with a few colour combinations possible.

Ukrainian Riding Horse

Stamp of Ukraine s682.jpg

This is a Ukrainian breed of warmblood sport horse; it is suitable for bot show competitions as well as for general riding. This horse is muscular and solid, with dark colouring.

Novoolexandrian Draught

Stamp of Ukraine s680.jpg

This Ukrainian horse was bred for draught work as well as for meat and mare’s milk. It has dark colouring.

Hucul Pony


This breed originated in the Carpathian Mountains; a calm horse with a good temperament and is used for work purposes in forested areas. Its colouring is usually bay, black, chestnut, or grullo.

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