Andrew Tate: Toxic Masculinity

Andrew Tate has made his way to financial success taking many routes from professional kickboxing, with cam services, being on the reality TV show Big Brother, and now his success has deemed him an idol and “untouchable” in the male gaze. Andrew Tate has mastered the art of selling hyper-masculine anti-woman propaganda to his audience packaged as the “good life.”

Tate has done a lot of different sides that make up his persona, all centered around a toxic masculine attitude. Tate has spewed his ideologies onto the internet countless times and hopes mindless boys find him entertaining and idealistic. In a deleted video, Tate can be seen explaining his rationale for the things he does, such as moving countries.

In a deleted video on Tate’s Youtube channel, he talks about the #MeToo era, explaining that in Eastern Europe it’s easier to get off on rape charges and saying this is “40% of the reason I moved to Romania”.

He continues to state things such as “If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must bear some responsibility.” With sexual assault, they want to put zero blame on the victim whatsoever.

In Romania, Andrew Tate is also being looked into for alleged human trafficking; he is now free on bond. It has previously been mentioned that his controversial transfer to Romania was caused by the country’s lenient laws on sexual violence. There is already a tonne of hateful, misogynistic, and anti-woman stories on the internet.

A British-American millionaire residing in Romania who teaches people how to use their ultra-masculine “powers” and demean women is the last thing boys should be learning from and idolizing.

Andrew Tate is not to be taken seriously as his remarks only become more ridiculous as his fame increases, but the underlying issues he’s teaching are actually believed by people and can ultimately be harmful.

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