An Update On The Sims 4 Werewolves


So we already knew that we were getting werewolves. The last week has been leading up to this with hints on Twitter, and then the leak yesterday confirmed it. But earlier today The Sims 4 team dropped the trailer which you can watch below.



And like always, the release dates for packs closely follow the announcements, meaning that the community has very little time to wait once the theme is released. Very little time indeed because Werewolves is available for pre-order now, the game is officially available on the 16th of June. Until then, we have the trailer and the official page to check out.



The Sims 4 team is known for their unreliable quality in DLC, with packs like Cottage Living popular with the community, while packs like My Wedding Stories are extremely unpopular. Without playing the game, there is no way to know which side of the coin Werewolves will fall, but the trailer does seem promising.



One of the most important and exciting parts of the new DLC is the indication that packs will be an important part, with the Alpha or lone wolf information below giving a little hint at what we can expect. So far so good though, with any interaction additions in the Sims always go over well with players.


With all the questions surrounding the new pack, one addition to the base game, coming in a future update, has also been tweeted about after the question was posed about the possibility of this pack. Body hair is on the way. When that will arrive hasn’t been mentioned yet but hopefully, it won’t be too much longer.

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