An Ode To BTS, The Bangtan Boys


ARMY’s worldwide are patiently awaiting BTS’s comeback which is scheduled for this June. The single for the album “Proof” is titled Yet to Come and is set to release on the tenth of this month.


While waiting for the single to drop, it becomes important to revisit the rollercoaster journey of our Bangtan Boys who have come a long way since their debut. From unknown faces on the screen in 2013 to global superstars in 2022, BTS has become an inspiration for other rising K-pop idols. It would not be completely wrong to say that much of the K-pop industry owes its fame to BTS. Apart from that, BTS has also paved the way for other K-pop idols to increase their fandom worldwide.


The Hallyu or the Korean culture wave is also indebted to BTS in many ways. The South Korean tourism industry has also exploded in the years following BTS’ rise to fame. The Bangtan Boys have not just made their family, but also their nation proud of their success.


To what does BTS owes this success? A common onlooker might define BTS’ success as their looks or their physical appearance. But the people who have been following their work closely know that it is not just their appearance that has made BTS worldwide stars. Their years of dedication and hard work have made them reach for the stars.


Even after reaching the place of financial security and popularity, BTS does not take its fame for granted. They are down-to-earth, loyal, and friendly people which is what makes them stand out from the rest of the world. They pour their “Blood, Sweat and Tears” into their performances and always try to give their best to the fans. Their lyrics are inspirational and motivating for the youth. And they also try to give back to society through their charity work.


They are not simply K-pop idols but rather an inspiration to many generations.

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