Friday, December 3, 2021

Amazon Takes On Mass Effect Adaptation

HBO gets an adaptation, Amazon gets an adaptation, and You get an adaptation! We all get adaptations! Can you tell where this is going yet?

Amazon Studios is ready to develop a TV adaptation of the game franchise Mass Effect. Amazon is trying to pair up with the franchise’s publisher, Electronic Arts, to make the series happen. The site is feeling itself after successfully adapting The Wheel of Time that came out on November 19.

Now is the time for adaptations. There are Invincible, The Wheel of Time, The Last of Us, and a bunch of other adaptations that were either made or announced. Mass Effect could join the ranks not only as a Prime Video show but also as another video game adaptation.

Mass Effect originally came out in 2007 and had three follow-up games after that. The franchise even received an animated film called Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. once had film rights to Mass Effect, but they never got the adaptation off the ground. This could be Amazon’s chance to do so.

Anthony Bicy
Anthony Bicy is a novelist who specializes in fantasy, action, and adventure. He has earned his Bachelor's in Creative Writing. His short story, "The Hitchhiker", is published by the Scarlet Leaf Review. On top of those accomplishments, he has self-published a novel called Sword Days on the website Lulu.com. He aims to have readers de-stress and enjoy his work.

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