Alpine Reveals All-Electric Future Lineup, Plans for Hot Hatches, Crossovers, and SUVs


With Alpine going fully-electric like every other brand in the near future, the blow is lessened. What hits hard is the fact that an electric SUV is incoming. Inevitable, of course, but coping will be slightly more difficult.



We’d be more enthusiastic if it was anything like the A110 SportsX concept that was revealed in January of 2020, which, considering the imminent arrival of the recently confirmed 911 Dakar and the Huracán Sterrato, would be the greatest time for a surprise debut. But then there’s the A110 R, which may or may not be the last variant of the model.



Daydreaming aside, the lineup will be fully electric by 2026, and there’s more models joining the sole sports car. The first of which will be a hot-hatch, and we suppose it’ll share the same class (and presumably parts) with the electrified Renault 5. Two smaller crossovers/SUVs fill in the gap, with the “proper” SUV being the last. The one marked the C segment, judging from its silhouette, looks like a sedan, along with the D segment, to a lesser degree. Knowing the current demand for saloons though, it’s probably something closer to one of the models in the new (and disrespected) Crown lineup from Toyota.



But we get it; market demand all over the world calls for SUVs; and freedom to make models has been severely limited, unlike two decades back. The era of EVs is inevitable, it’s just unfortunate that Renault Alpine seems to be keener than everyone else in the whole electric stuff.



p dir=”ltr”>(Images sourced from Alpine)

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