Along with the Gods – The Two Worlds Movie: A Must-Watched Movie In Your List

What do we know about the afterlife? Well, this concept is cited and explained differently in many religions located around the world. In this movie, director Kim Yong-Hwa takes inspiration from Buddhist dogma that involves karma, judgment, and rebirth and creates an adventure to the afterlife. The guardians ensure this person does good deeds during his life and he will get his reincarnation.

As the output, the result is amazing in some ways. Not to mention this movie is bad as the wholesome, but I’ll praise the CGI effects in this movie. Let me summarize this movie in short. Ja-Hong, a firefighter, dies while doing duty and is escorted by the three guardians to the afterlife, which are Hae Won-Maek, Lee Deok-Choon, the leader of the guardians, Gang-Rim. Their journey, in the beginning, is without obstacles, but, on route to Hell of Deceit, some ghouls attack the convoy and begin to take Ja-Hong into their turds. This is investigated by Gang-Rim, and the result is Ja-Hong’s brother, Soo-Hong, becomes a vengeful spirit.

After the help from the guardians who have already solved his brother’s issue and made Ja-Hong can reincarnate, discover Yeomra intervenes in the process from the beginning. And, the guardians make Soo-Hong a final candidate for reincarnation. This story is not appealing enough but has some elements for attracting the audience. I have some reasons why this movie also should be on your list.

The first reason is the plot.

Well, this movie has an unusual plot than any other movie that I’ve watched. This unusual plot usually has an interesting point of view regards what is the topic. Personally, this movie’s plot is not the best one, but, you may reconsider it for watching it several times.

The second reason is the relationship of the character.

The guardians, like The Three Musketeers. The difference is these guardians are the escorts to afterlife reincarnation. They can decide whether the candidate is worthy or not worthy during life. They help each other to prevent something bad happens to the candidate. Even they don’t know everyone’s past, they without hesitation will do everything to keep each other’s back safe from ghouls or another threat attack.

The third reason is the implied message.

All humans sometimes do bad deeds for pleasing other even the bad deed is not categorized as “bad”, but this will affect what we will get in the afterlife. The judges from each Hell, are quite kind from my view because they still think about the decision that they will make for the reincarnation candidate. The implied message that this movie tries to deliver is to do a good deed even if on small scale.

Those reasons are why you must rewatch again this movie in your free time. Try not to judge it before you watch it until it finishes. You may get an insight from this movie. I admit the effects are not that good, and messy at some points, still, this movie is worth watching.

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