All You Need to Know About Arknights “Under Tides” Side Event Rerun



Out of the exploding ship and into the rough seas; Arknights’ global server is rerunning their Under Tides side event right after another seaborn-affair themed one. For those of you who missed out or didn’t get Skadi’s alter on the Abyss Corrossion banner, now’s your chance.


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For those who missed it, Under Tides follows the story of Skadi as she heads to Sal Viento, a city in Iberia, to discover more of her Aegir origins and linkage with the seaborns. And to save fellow Abyssal Hunter Specter, who is out cold for reasons unknown. This event, which also celebrates the first anniversary of the game, brings in six-star pulling specialist Gladiia, who leads the Abyssal Hunters and is a representative of the Aegir race.




If you’ve played Stultifera Navis, bad luck: seaborn corrosion damage doesn’t stop there. This event was where it all started, but the boss is arguably easier than the latest event (though that’s coming from a player who started out two years back). But we can safely say that there are no pesky dodging enemies that require operators who can silence them. Phew.




The Under Tides rerun also brings a skin for Gladiia, the same outfit she wore when she took the war to the seaborns underwater. Word is that several medals (presumably specific challenge modes and possibly trimmed medals) will have some alterations, but players who have obtained them before the rerun will receive them automatically. 


No banners will be returning here, since the previous one included all the limited operators, and that includes Skadi the Corrupting Heart. For those aiming for Kal’tsit though, you’ll get your chance in the Joint Operation banner.




Returning skins will be the Crossover series, bringing back casual, stylish wear for operators Thorns, Surtr, and Zima. Both the former will have their skins at 18 Originite Prime, and Zima’s will cost 15. Though Thorns’ casual wear looks great, Surtr’s skateboarding fit allows her to go rainbow when using her third skill ingame. Whatever you fancy, we hope you spared some OP from the previous event.


Having failed to complete the challenge mode stages (thanks to not having stronger operators at the time), it’ll be a great chance to finish what was left of the event. We should note that side event reruns don’t last as long as a regular event, so better hurry on whatever seaborn business you have yet to finish.



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