Algeria: A Forgotten Touristic Destination


If you ask a married couple about their honeymoon destination they would reluctantly say the Maldives, Mauritius, or any well-known island likewise would any other person say and that is due to social media propaganda that almost limits travel to these destinations. However, some places are not getting the same attention simply because they have been overwhelmed by factors like culture and lack of media coverage.



Many people might not have heard of this North African country that has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and eighty percent of Saharan deserts, as it is considered one of the largest countries in the continent of Africa with an estimated territory of 2.382 million km².


A country full of historical legacies and ruins like the Romans and the Ottoman empire. Algeria is known for its diversity in food, dialect, climate, and regions. Algiers, the capital is the first place you can visit once you have left the airport to head directly to the spacious plaza where you can find outdoor cafes and restaurants along with small kiosks where they sell flowers and plants, you will also find artists who can draw your portrait with a dazzling finish.

These few words cannot describe the mesmerizing feeling of the place until you have seen and walked in its streets because Algiers alone extends to other districts and provinces like Alkasbah where you will find the architecture of the old Algerian culture.

Or Mohamed Belouizdad district where you will find Hamma Scientific Experiments Garden.

To the beautiful beaches of Al Kala, Bejaia, and Jijel.

Once you have finished your tour in Algiers you can visit other districts like Oran, Annaba, Constantine, Bejaia, Tlemcen, Tebessa, Tamanrasset, Oued souf…etc, The country of fifty-eight provinces cannot be visited in one week or one month, it needs several visits to enjoy the different aspects of beauty where the mountain meets the sea and the Sahara meets the greenery of the trees.


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