Alexis Ferrer Creates a Way of Hair Printing in His “Sublime Collection”

Alexis Ferrer has been working in hair design for over 20 years, having started as a stylist in his native Spain before working in influential cities such as New York, Milan, London, and Paris. An artist at heart, Alexis uses his artistry to create new styles for each season.


In 2022, Ferrer used his invented technique of printing hair in his “Sublime Collection;” a hair-fashion collection that links modern hair interpretations via historical allusions. The printed hairpieces blend a beautiful pagoda-inspired pattern, intriguing foreign imagery, and floral motifs inspired by oriental furniture designs and delicate paintings on porcelain.


Each hairstyle in the collection resulted from Ferrer’s research and trials in his quest to reinvent hair fashion. This collection combines history and modernism, which creates a more appealing look to the pieces. The prints feature motifs from the oriental style, which was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries for opulent handcrafted wallpapers.


“Hair printed like a canvas. The wallpaper patterns of the XVIII century were fully part of the decorative objects and furniture in a room, creating a complementary backdrop. The hair in the XXI century is inspired by this Chinoiserie style,” said Ferrer.


His collection is undoubtedly only one of several that will take our breath away. Combining art, style, hair, history, and print is the epitome of the future.



How does printing on hair work?


Numerous years of testing and experimentation were necessary to obtain optimal clarity printing on hair. Alexis Ferrer developed the method in the first half of 2020, focusing on luminance and precision. His techniques include digital printing, where the images are now printed on a flattened stretch to guarantee coloring and sharpness, and then the attachment is connected to the hair.


Alexis Ferrer is and will always be a visionary and trendsetting artist who sculpts hair into the most delicate of forms. When light falls just right on his artwork, it reveals their detailed beauty, an elegant lingering memory of their former state. His pieces are infused with emotion and subtlety, creating transcendent objects that invite you to touch and be inspired. And we cannot get enough of it.

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