Children are such huge rollercoasters of energy that It becomes a herculean task to control them especially when they are in groups. They tend to easily get bored due to their attention span being low at that age so they are always looking for ways to entertain themselves. Just the other day, my little niece inserted a bead into her left nostril. It took a trip to the hospital to get it out.


“She was probably trying to see if the bead would come out from her other nostrils”, a neighbor said and I don’t doubt him.


Their curiosity doesn’t help matters as even though they are doing something interesting, it does not take too long for something else to catch their attention and they go running off to inspect!. Whether the said item is harmful to them or not is usually of no concern to them. It is therefore our duties as parents, guardians, or adults to prevent or stop them from indulging in activities that may be dangerous or harmful to them.


Apart from the fact that children are prone to more harm in their early days due to their curiosity and ignorance. It is also important to pay close attention to them at this tender age because this is the time their brain assimilates most. This is why when I see a parent or any adult trying to speak in the baby language to a child, I shake my head in despair!.


No sir/ma’am please speak properly to that little one. You’d be helping a whole lot in the development of the child’s brain. Try to explain to them in clear terms why they shouldn’t do certain things and why they need to do the others.


Most importantly engage them in creative activities always. Be particular about their games and TV shows. Make sure everything they are consuming is of good impact. Remember we are basically what we consume!.

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