#AirportTwitter is Trending on Twitter; Is it Related to a BTS World Tour Spoiler?


For the past few days, the #AirportTwitter hashtag is all over the timeline. Airports around the globe are tweeting footage of airplanes taking off or landing and captioning it with BTS lyrics.


The trend was started by the Orlando International Airport photo of Southwest Airlines flying over the moon. The photo is captioned with, “Moonchild, you shine. #MondayMood #BTS #BTSARMY” which is the lyric of RM’s ‘moonchild’.



Dallas Fort Worth International Airport joined the trend by quoting BTS’ ‘Butter’ lyric with a video of a smooth landing by American Airlines.


The BTS’ ARMYs began to speculate about a possible world tour since the airport has been unprovoked tweeting about BTS. The first two airport that tweeted about BTS was Orlando and Dallas airport which was included in the 2020 Map of the Soul World Tour that was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.



Sydney Airport was the third airport that joined the trend. After that, over 80 airports from all over the world, mostly from the U.S., tweeted a photo of their airport activities captioned with BTS song lyrics. Some of the airports that participated on #AirportTwitter are Zurich airport, Melbourne airport, Lima airport, Heathrow airport, Reagan airport, Austin-Bergstrom Airport, Tulsa airport, Paris airport, Changi airport, Malaysia airport, and the list keeps getting longer each day.



Not only the English songs, but Korean songs and their translation also took over the platform during this trend. Even some of the airport tweets translate the lyrics to their national language.





To date, there is no explanation regarding the sudden #AirportTwitter trend, but the fans are humorously speculating whether it is a spoiler for BTS’ future world tour or a spoiler for a new song called ‘Airplane pt. 3’ since BTS has already released songs titled ‘Airplane’ and ‘Airplane pt. 2’.


However, it was a great time on Twitter to see a lot of people appreciating BTS lyricism with fun and joy.

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