Friday, December 3, 2021

AirAsia Recruits Former Adidas Leaders


AirAsia confident of interstate and international travel revival in the  near future — airasia newsroom

Photo Source: newsroom.airasia.com


AirAsia Group has appointed a new Chief Commercial Officer, Colin Currie, former Managing Director of Adidas Asia Pacific. Colin was appointed to increase the market competitiveness of the company’s new line of business, including the AirAsia Super App and e-commerce services. Colin will play a role in developing a data-driven consumer-focused strategy to optimize growth and achieve financial targets for all airline businesses and digital units owned by AirAsia. AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said, “We welcome Colin to be part of AirAsia. Colin is considered to have a lot of experience from previous global companies that also focus on ASEAN.


“We hope that he can encourage data integration within the AirAsia Group to accelerate revenue growth and create new synergies in our latest projects,” Tony said in his statement, Wednesday (11/10/2021). Colin has a number of experiences and achievements in his previous company. While at Adidas, Colin oversees the markets of China, South Korea, Japan, as well as Southeast Asian and Pacific countries. Colin’s role is to make Adidas one of the most well-known consumer brands in the Asia Pacific region. It has also increased the company’s revenue fivefold in the Chinese market.


In addition, it is also said that it has increased its market share from the fourth position to become the market leader by competing head-to-head. Colin is also recognized for his role in perfecting the brand’s operational model. So Colin joining AirAsia is expected to accelerate the company’s revenue growth by implementing a customer-focused strategy. In addition, it can also encourage the achievement of the target of 50 percent of AirAsia Group’s revenue from the digital business by 2025. As well as being able to elevate the AirAsia Group’s position as a leading lifestyle and travel brand in the world.


“The appointment of Colin shows AirAsia’s attitude that we will soon get out of Covid. This is also proof of our brand, despite the problems that exist, by joining great people on our journey ahead,” said Tony. Meanwhile, Colin stated, he is delighted to be joining the AirAsia Group to help drive brand and sales performance, particularly for the new line of digital business, using his experience and knowledge. According to him, he always monitors developments that occur at AirAsia and believes he can contribute to a company that is evolving into the digital era. “I believe that together with a passionate team, we can accelerate and strengthen AirAsia’s success as a leading digital technology and lifestyle company in ASEAN,” said Colin.




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