Aid to Ukraine


After months at war, Ukraine continues to receive aid from countries around the world. In Canada, several businesses are involved in raising money for the Ukrainians, one of the establishments is General Brock’s Commissary.


Located in Kingston, Ontario, the store is selling items such as ball caps, car flags, patches, and Canda-Ukraine friendship pins, among other items. All proceeds from their sales will go to the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.


They have been running this campaign for two weeks and have raised more than $1,500.


The Manager of General Brock’s Commissary, said “We have a link to the country ourselves,” explaining that her daughter married a Ukrainian.


Although they have only been in the market for a short time, their merchandise has sold out and now they have purchased new ones, as they plan to continue with the donations until they are no longer needed.


Another measure Canadians are choosing to help Ukrainians is to allow them to be refugees in their homes. Carla and James Rankin communicated that if any Ukrainian family needs to be helped, they could adapt the rooms to make everyone comfortable.


She said, “If we get a displaced mother with maybe a couple of small children, we can turn this into a bedroom for two children.”


Carla immigrated to Canada at one time, so the couple feels that now it would be good to help those who come to the country like her. The Canadian government will allow Ukrainian refugees to reside in the country for three years.

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